Custom Research Methodologies

For companies or organizations requiring full service research services, please contact CMIGreen, the leading green tourism consumer research specialists.

Market research studies and resulting statistics are meant to help marketers understand the green consumer, and influence educated decisions about their strategies and tactics. However, not all research is the same. CMIGreen’s methodologies and experience are distinct from those of others when considering approaches, survey respondent sources—and ultimately—the validity and utility of sought-after results.

CMIGreen emphasizes that there is no “green market,” just as there is no singular “women’s market.” Green consumers represent a broad and dynamic variety of interests, sensitivities, preferences and priorities. Those, plus variations in geographical location, age, income, relationship status, gender and more, make it even more important to discover which opportunities within green will help you achieve your goals. Fine tuning your approaches based on highly refined and well-targeted matches within “green” will make your outreach initiatives more efficient and cost-effective, and will significantly improve your marketing ROI.

CMIGreen takes pride in operating the most comprehensive green tourism study in the world. But we don’t stop there. Quantitative (data) research is one important side of a coin, but only tells half of the story. The other side of a comprehensive research initiative involves qualitative research, most notably derived from focus groups. We pre-qualify our focus group participants from among our survey panelists, identifying the best candidates based on characteristics such as age, gender, relationship status, geographical location, and even a propensity or history of using the client’s products or services. We are able to conduct groups in most major metro areas across the USA, Canada and Britain, as well as several secondary markets. We’ve found that the same creative, tested in different regions, often yields substantially differing results. Isn’t it wise to know that—and adjust your plans—before investing in marketing campaigns?

CMIGreen is the only green-dedicated research provider that develops and facilitates green traveler focus groups and other qualitative research options. We have produced and reported on focus groups covering a wide variety of topics, plus we have run advisory board series, multiyear customer satisfaction survey projects and field studies which can round out a comprehensive market intelligence plan.
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