Green Traveler Study 2010-11

Updating the Challenges and Opportunities in the Increasingly Viable “Green Traveler” Market Segment

Rising public awareness of sustainability issues and understanding consumer preferences and behaviors presents new opportunities for the tourism and hospitality industries. The fundamental question today is not “whether” sustainability will influence consumer choice and your bottom line, but “how.”

The 2nd CMIGreen Traveler Study answers this question based on consumer sampling and 18+ years of observation, analysis and case study.

Travel and hospitality consumers are rapidly and enthusiastically becoming educated on the issues, and demanding greater social and environmental engagement from destinations and suppliers. There is a shift in consumer consciousness that is resulting in a rethinking of consumption patterns toward more responsible, earth-friendly alternatives. Tourism and hospitality industry leaders are similarly embracing sustainability to establish competitive advantage, enhance brand value and drive sales. This is moving market share for those taking initial steps.

In 2009, tourism research experts at Community Marketing & Insights launched the pioneering CMIGreen Traveler Study, designed to provide industry leaders with information and insights to understand, re-position and leverage the opportunities of the emerging sustainable travel marketplace. This follow up study updates the data and identifies and analyzes trends.

To receive a complimentary PDF copy of the 150+ page report, simply email your request Include your name, title and organization. You will receive a link to download the PDF of the report, plus updates to the study and announcements about future initiatives.

Study Architect and Author: Thomas Roth
Chief Editor: Doug Gorney