The CMIGreen Traveler Report is the most comprehensive study on green travelers.

2,768 adults from across the USA were surveyed on sustainable travel by Community Marketing & Insights from July 15 through August 31, 2010. This report focuses the 951 respondents who consider themselves to be “extremely” or “very” eco-conscious and who took at least one overnight vacation in the past year. The study marks and measures key trends in sustainable, responsible, eco and green travel: considering greener travelers as a viable and increasingly important niche market. The survey panel is not intended to reflect national census data or distribution. This year’s panel of 2,768 consists of subscribers derived from last year’s survey (which was derived through partnerships with more than 20 tourism, hospitality and sustainability companies and organizations), supplemented with new partner organization members, as well as panelist contributions recruited from Travelocity, RCI, Gap Adventures, and others.

To receive a complimentary PDF copy of the 150+ page report, simply email your request to: Report@cmigreen. Include your name, title and organization. You will receive a link to download the pdf of the report, plus updates to the study and announcements about future initiatives.

Thomas E. Roth, President
CMIGreen/Community Marketing & Insights