Research Sponsorship Opportunities

The 1st and 2nd CMIGreen Traveler Reports have been downloaded and referenced by thousands of professionals, NGOs, academics and journalists, spanning over 75 countries across the globe, from Australia to Greenland, from Syria to Argentina and from Namibia to South Korea.

This important study would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors Travelocity and RCI (Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International). Through these sponsorships, this report is available to the entire travel, tourism and hospitality industry at no charge, for the benefit of all readers, their companies and organizations, and the world.

Sponsor the 3rd CMIGreen Traveler Study:

Sponsors obtain a unique and affordable opportunity to ask proprietary questions in the survey, in order gain establish baselines, insight into their company’s brand position among “greener” consumers, and/or validate the impact their initiatives are making.

Your company will be able to ask dedicated, proprietary questions within the survey (i.e. results from your questions will be confidential for your use only, and not included in the public report). Topics may include how your company ranks among green consumers; questions about the influences of green advertising in consumer choice of your product or service; review and impressions of your company’s and competitors’ creative for the market; influence of charity contributions, etc. We will help you with question design.

Your sponsorship helps CMIGreen continue to offer the valuable data from these reports FREE to the tourism and hospitality industries, as well as to students, non-profits/NGOs, etc. to create an OPEN SOURCE body of knowledge. This approach advances the cause for all of us, and our planet. Your company logo will also appear on the final report, and all PR and communications related to the report.

The 3rd CMIGreen Traveler Study will be produced in spring 2013. Please contact to discuss sponsorship options.